Our Team

“No man steps in the same river
twice for it’s not the same river
and he’s not the same man.”


Founder / Designer

If not waking up sand-side in Hermosa Beach, CA, and walking his boys to school, you’ll find Nathan on the road, seemingly blown by the wind to a site worthy of canyoneering, ascending into the unforgiving crevices of slot canyons in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring places. Far from civilization and the norms of society, this is more than a welcomed escape for Nathan; it is a pillar of his being.


Growing up within a stone’s throw of Utah’s Wasatch range, Nathan took his first steps into the boundlessness of nature—roaming, climbing, collecting and testing his limits without his parents pulling him back from the ledge. Guided by his grandfather, the free-spirited, rail-riding inventor of the spudnut, his mother, a fearless thrill-seeker who out-skied the boys, and his father, an accomplished athlete turned international businessman, Nathan was lovingly indoctrinated with the confidence to blaze his own trail.


Upon graduating college, Nathan was brought into the world of Hollywood entertainment, which he quickly realized wasn't for him and went on to invest time and capital into a friend's startup, where he remained for almost a decade. Despite the company's success he yearned for a life unbound by a desk. He began making more room for impulsive adventures, new environments and athletic pastimes, leading him to develop a simplified wardrobe that would allow him to do more and worry less. Over the past three years, Nathan has evolved Walter Sky to be a purposefully limited and polished collection of everyday apparel for himself, his friends and now his customers to enjoy.




A steady hand in Walter Sky’s tailored collection, Wesley Andersen reinforces a brand both inspired by his bloodline and stitched with an ethos he emphatically shares. Like his brother, Wesley’s nature was largely groomed by his spontaneous, entrepreneurial grandfather and disciplined, competitive father—two pillars of Walter Sky’s conception and a continual catalyst of its success. With a deep-seated drive to pioneer, sunny optimism and profound loyalty, Wesley completes a dynamic founding team.



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