The Walter Sky Story


Our team aspires to remove typical constraints of clothing in relation to time and place, encouraging you to show up at the highest level in every facet of your complex life.

Founder Nathan Andersen and Co-Founder Wes Andersen simply wanted a wardrobe that transcended traditional limitations in countless environments and numerous climates, but they couldn’t find it on the market.

After years of tailoring his own garments, Nathan set out with a kernel of self-driven inspiration that would become so much more. Over the next several years, digging in with the most cutting-edge fabric mills, he engineered a small collection that achieved performance and style. Odor resistant, strong enough to hold up in abrasive environments and minimalistically attractive, each piece passed its field test, one-by-one. And so it was.

Unapologetically favoring minimalism in a marketplace that rewards multiplicity, Walter Sky offers a purposefully limited collection of everywhere apparel. Each piece, thoroughly researched and engineered, calls on new and innovative fabrics and a purposeful construct to offer you an essential skin.

Walter Sky doesn’t aspire to be a high-end fashion brand or a worshiped name in outdoor apparel; it is simply a fit for those who seek betterment—those who see the possibilities in a minimal wardrobe of quality pieces that fit countless environments.


The Walter Sky Name

Derived from the names of the two most influential and impassioned men in our founders’ lives, Walter Sky—by definition—combines the undying urge to seek out one’s destiny with unfaltering integrity and drive. These two men, Walter Pelton and David Sky Andersen, instilled in their grandsons and sons the irrepressible desire to live, truly live, by throwing caution to the wind.

Walter Pelton

Seemingly liberated from common self-imposed constraints, Walter Pelton lived a riveting life of exploration and adventure. He would jump trains as a railrider, like a character in a Jack Kerouac novel, taking him wherever he was destined to be. In 1940, Walter invented the Spudnut, a potato-based doughnut, and brought the first American franchise overseas. He would happily take to the skies in the Spudnut plane, finally able to choose his destination and his destiny.

David Sky Andersen

David Sky Andersen was an award-winning athlete and accomplished student before entering and conquering the business world. After receiving his MBA, working for Exxon in Haiti and Central and South America, and later graduating from law school, David accepted a new role in Salt Lake City—a decision alone that shaped his sons’ entire lives, granting them boundless access to nature’s great expanse.

And these are the roots of Walter Sky.



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