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Elemental Design & Innovative Textiles

Each Walter Sky garment has been thoroughly researched, engineered and tested, taking performance fabrics to their limit in pursuit of the final fit. By pushing the limits of even the most innovative and technical textile companies around the world, we’ve created a superior and simplified kit for a more seamless life.


WS-MT01, WS-MH01 & Lisa Orth Merino Wool Sock

Nuyarn® is the next generation of merino wool, resulting in garments that are stronger, stretchier, quicker drying, warmer gram-for-gram and more comfortable than any merino base layer you’ve ever worn. Unlike traditional core-spun or ring-spun methods, Nuyarn technology drafts fibers along a high-performance core, creating a structure that amplifies the fiber’s natural properties



CEBONNER spun nylon yarn draws on Toray’s proprietary spinning technology, offering cotton-like touch and high functionality. With enhanced wearing comfort and greater durability, CEBONNER is suitable for applications ranging from active sports to casual fashion.


WS-T01 & WS-T02

Thread Monsieur is an odor extinguishing thread from Toray that eliminates and neutralizes ammonia, the root cause of the smell of sweat. Instead of covering up the smell, Thread Monsieur captures it and, no matter how many times it goes through the wash, the odor extinguishing effect remains active.


WS-B02 & WS-S01

Toray’s Dot Air Primeflex fabric features a patented spiral yarn technology that allows more stretch and recovery without using heavy, water-absorbing elastics. The result is a more comfortable, higher performance Primeflex fabric that grants unrivaled breathability, lightweight construction and easy care.


WS-B02 & WS-S01

The Kudos DWR Treatment from Toray is abrasion resistant and offers both water and oil repellency.



All Walter Sky Merino Products


When possible, Walter Sky works with bluesign® system partners to ensure sustainable and resource-efficient practices are taken in every step of our material supply chain. This includes resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission and occupational health and safety.

Based in Switzerland, Bluesign technologies is committed to upholding the highest safety standards in regard to both materials and the people involved in their creation. The bluesign® system, established in 2000, considers the production process as a whole, auditing each component of material creation and eliminating unsustainable substances and chemicals from the production cycle altogether.



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