Walter Sky Founder & Designer Nathan Andersen Talks Recent Motorcycle Trip Through the Sierras & What He Packed

Like most, traveling for me has been very limited the past few years. Because of the challenges Covid-19 has presented, I’ve opted out of most of my bigger trips and stuck to local micro-adventures, which are generally day trips with my family. However, I did manage to make it to my friend's bachelor party which was booked through the outdoor adventure company Wilderness. The trip consisted of four days and three nights of riding motorcycles (roughly 400 miles on- and off-road) and camping in the Sierra National Forest. 

We were responsible for carrying all of our gear which had to fit into two 20-liter saddlebags, so it was important that we brought packable, lightweight and multifunctional items to get us through the trip. Considering Walter Sky is designed around being just that (and is already my daily uniform), packing was pretty easy. We started just outside Fresno, California and ended up at the base of El Capitan in Yosemite. The elevation ranged from 308 to 8,000 feet above sea level. Due to the time of year and the varying elevation, we needed to pack for hot days and cold evenings. My packing list was was pretty basic and consisted of the following:

WS-T01 Nylon Tee

WS-MT01 Merino Wool Tee

WS-S02 Volley Short

WS-B01 Chino-Style Pant

WS-B02 V2 Jogger

WS-MH02 Merino Sun Hoodie

WS-J02 Lightweight Insulated Jacket with DWR Treatment

Merino Wool Athletic Socks (x3)

I wore the same tee (T01) and pants (B01) to ride every day. I chose the nylon T01 because it has yet to fail me — I’m still wearing the same one from the original sampling over two years ago. Most of our camps were next to water which was always welcome after a long, dusty and sweaty day of riding. We’d usually pull into camp with a few hours of daylight left, which is when I’d throw on the S02s and jump in the water. 

At night, I would change into the MT01 merino tee and a clean pair of B02s joggers. When the temperature would drop, I’d layer the MH02 merino sun hoodie along with the J02 jacket which kept me warm when it was around 48-50 degrees. An added benefit of the J02 is that it has a DWR treatment so had it rained, I could have used it as a rain jacket (up to a certain extent). 

One thing I think we can all agree on is that once a trip is over, we generally find that we pack more than necessary. It has taken me years to feel somewhat comfortable walking out of the house for a week-long trip with only a few tees, one pair of pants and a pair of shorts. I’m still not completely there, but I’ve come a long way thanks to the confidence I have in my clothing’s ability to adapt to most situations. 

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