USA Today Features WS-J02 as Top Travel Jacket

With winter quickly approaching, the search for a warm, versatile jacket is on. But as many have adopted a more thoughtful, minimalist lifestyle during the pandemic, finding the right jacket for all occasions certainly has its caveats. Lucky for those in search of the best options out there, USA Today has featured the top travel jackets you need this season, including Walter Sky’s versatile mid-layer, the WS-J02.

In the article, writer Christopher Elliot interviews Kunal Sawhney, CEO of an equalities research firm with a speciality in lifestyle brands, who says modern travelers are opting for less luggage in order to minimize contact with the airport, plane and other passengers. The solution? A scaled-down wardrobe with more high-quality, adaptable pieces.

The form-fitting WS-J02 ranks high on Christopher Elliot’s list. “Walter Sky's WS-J02 is another travel jacket that embraces a less-is-more philosophy,” he writes. “It's made of breathable, stretchable polyester. Other than a few thoughtful inside pockets, the WS-J02 doesn't aim for the jet set. Instead, it makes itself a viable option for anyone who wants to store a few extra items – and look sharp.”

As Walter Sky Founder Nathan Andersen explains, “it’s a lightweight mid-layer with great heat retention but still allows moisture to escape so you don’t overheat. When I wear this jacket I forget I have it on. Not too hot, not too cold. Goldilocks would be proud.”

Like everything else in our collection, the jacket was designed with a number of activities in mind, allowing you to transition effortlessly from trail running (or whatever might be on the agenda that day) to coaching soccer practice to heading out to dinner. Pair it with our WS-T02 merino tee and WS-B02-V2 jogger-style pant and you’re truly ready for anything that comes your way.

Thank you Christopher for the stellar review. To read the full article, visit USA Today here.



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