Salt Lake Stallions Cornerback Will Davis Shows Us What it Means to Live Multifaceted

There are few people who can juggle as much as Will Davis. An epic cornerback for the Salt Lake Stallions, a budding photographer, a devoted father and unabashed thrill-seeker, Will is constantly on the go—both for work and play. So when he and Nathan became fast friends, there was no question that Walter Sky would follow him on all future endeavors. From hitting early morning practices to hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru, Will has capitalized on the Walter Sky kit’s ability to seamlessly transition from one thing to the next. We sat down with him to gain some insight into what makes Will the positively infectious yet daring individual he is today, and just how Walter Sky has enabled him to do and be more—all while looking good.

Tell us a short life story that has defined the person you are today.
The summer when I was seven years old, it seemed as though every kid on the block had gotten stung by a bee. And one day, sitting by the edge of my close friend Zack’s pool, a bee happened to be near. Out of curiosity, I put out my hand and, sure enough, was stung. By and large, I’ve always wanted to experience life for myself, and though it was silly, I just needed to know what it felt like. And the same stands true today—nothing stops me from experiencing things for myself.

How would your friends describe you?
Friends would probably describe me as lively, happy and full of positivity.

How would you describe you?
I would describe myself as confident in my own being and decisions. I’m carefree in the sense that I don’t quite consider all the consequences of my actions—I see what can go right and move forward knowing that if I’m wrong, I’ll make a change and ultimately be fine.


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What are the various roles you play in your life?
Father, brother, friend.

Tell us about your experience with Walter Sky. What sets the brand apart from anything else in the marketplace?
Man, I have worn Walter Sky throughout countless adventures, from my workouts in the gym to crazy excursions in California, Utah, Peru and trekking through the Ausangate mountains finishing at the beautiful Rainbow Mountain. It seems as though the materials can withstand any activity, all while offering amazing, unique style.

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