Nuyarn® CEO Andy Wynne Talks Innovation & Collaboration

Nuyarn® technology takes the renowned properties of merino and amplifies them across the board, which is exactly why Walter Sky Founders Nathan and Wesley Andersen decided to team up with the company to produce part of their first merino collection. We sat down with Nuyarn®’s CEO, Andy Wynne, to get the inside scoop on the company’s groundbreaking technology, latest innovations and just why he decided to take a chance on Walter Sky.

Can you explain how the idea of Nuyarn® first came about?
Conventional ring spinning twists fibers in one direction and makes a rope-like construction, which is an old and generic way of making yarn. When producing fabric and apparel from these rope-like yarn structures, the consumer can encounter holes, spirality, itchy sensation and pilling due to limitations with fiber length. The evolution of Nuyarn® was to develop a twist-free yarn technology that rights the wrongs of conventional ring spinning and improves merino apparel, creating a high performance and long-lasting product that is unrivaled.

Nuyarn CEO Andy Wayne

We understand that Nuyarn® isn’t particularly a fabric—it’s a new way of making fabric. Can you unpack this a little?
Nuyarn® is a patented spinning technology that creates unparalleled yarn structures. Nuyarn® technology creates two ply yarn structures that are 35% finer than a conventional ring frame to create a single yarn. To put Nuyarn® technology into perspective, Nuyarn® spins at speeds between 140 and 250 mt per minute where conventional ring frames run between 12 and 14 mt per minute.

What was the trial and error process like? How long did it take to arrive at the final product?
Nuyarn® produces 24 innovative new products a month. We are in a continuous evolution of improvement and therefore most of what we create are world-class, innovative products that are new to the high-performance sector. When you have a technology so vastly elevated from any other spinning technology, new products and evolutions become the status quo. Nuyarn® is a continuous evolution.

Nuyarn CEO Andy Wayne

What do you think the company’s next big innovation will be?
A new use of wool, incorporating the benefits of wool with a high degree of abrasion resistance and high performance.

How and when did you and Nathan begin to collaborate on Walter Sky?
I met Nathan three years ago in Salt Lake City via an introduction from a mutual friend.

Nuyarn CEO Andy Wayne

Why did you decide to take a chance on an unestablished brand?
Out of every 100 people who build a brand or technology, one is unique and disrupting. Usually, the engineer of these products are newcomers to the performance sector and create products through sheer shortcomings of the industry and lack of product they wish to wear. Nathan wanted to create technical apparel and was frustrated at the lack of available technical textiles. His zero deviation for product excellence and top performance apparel is our way of life and we share a mutual DNA.

What do you think is Walter Sky’s greatest attribute and/or potential?
The founder’s philosophy for technical excellence. If it works for Nathan, it will work for you. All products are extensively tested in extreme conditions, far beyond industry norms.

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