NHL Player Jeff Carter on His 5 Walter Sky Must-Haves


Long-time NHL sniper, devoted father and husband, trophy Walter Sky model and close friend of co-founder Nathan Andersen, Jeff Carter is a true jack of all trades and, well, a master of all. You might know him as a two time NHL All-Star, two time  Stanley Cup champion, Olympic gold medalist for Team Canada or as a center on the Pittsburgh Penguins, or maybe it’s because you’ve seen him while scrolling our website. No matter which way, it’s clear that Jeff knows a thing or two about comfortable, performance-enhancing gear for life on and off the ice. So, we got Jeff to weigh in on which five Walter Sky essentials are a must-have in his closet — whether on the road or right at home.  


Pick #1: WS-MT01

The first time I wore the WS-MT01, Nathan gave it to me before heading on a road trip with the Kings. He told me to wear it as much as I could, stuff it in my hockey bag, work out in it, you name it. The only thing I couldn’t do was wash the shirt. So, I handed it back to him after the trip and that’s when he told me it was unwashed the whole time, i.e. Nate had worn it previously. I didn’t even care because the shirt still smelled great. It goes without saying that the WS-MT01 is a staple for me. 




Pick #2: WS-MH01

The WS-MH01 is my go-to zip hoodie for before and after practices or games. The best part is that the Merino wool traps odor caused by bacteria, meaning I can wear it for long periods of time without smelling like the locker room. It’s warm enough for the rink or evening walks with the family, light enough for lounging around the house and good-looking enough to head to dinner. This zip-up does it all. 



Pick #3: WS-B01

When I have to dress up pre- and post-game, I opt for the WS-B01 chino-esque pants. They have that classic look but with a Walter Sky touch, have good stretch and can be styled up or down. I own all four colors but I use the black and navy the most since they pair nicely with my blazer and jacket. I have a couple pairs that I roll and a few that I’ve had hemmed to my exact inseam. These pants are a staple that should be in everyone's rotation.




Pick #4: WS-B02 V2

The  WS-B02 jogger is my absolute go-to pant and has probably been my favorite piece of clothing that Nate has designed. There isn’t much they can’t do, especially now with the added features he incorporated in the second version of the pants. They’re extremely comfortable, breathable, lightweight and stretchy. I really don’t know what else to say about these pants other than I’ll be very upset if they ever decide to stop making them. 




Pick #5: WS-S02

I spend a lot of time on the beach so a good swimsuit is a must, and the WS-S02 volley short is always at the top of my list. Whether I’m playing volleyball with Nate, working out in the off season or just playing with the kids, it’s always the perfect short. The overall design of the WS-S02 also makes it easy for me to transition from the beach to the bar since they don’t look like your average swimsuit.





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