Expedition Portal’s Jack Mac Puts Our Zip Hoodie to the Test

When it comes to overland and adventure travel, there’s perhaps no resource more revered than Expedition Portal (ExPo). With a whopping 180,000+ community members and over 2.5 million forum posts that cover 4wd and motorcycle voyages around the world, it should come as no surprise that the ExPo community knows a thing or two about high-quality, performance-driven gear. So when our team got resident Bikepacking Editor Jack Mac in Walter Sky? You can only imagine our level of stoke.

Exploration photographer and writer, Jack lives full-time in his 1986 Vanagon Syncro and most recently spent two years on various assignments in the Arctic Circle. Upon his return to the UK, we were able to get Jack a WS-MH01 zip hoodie before his upcoming expeditions — and let’s just say his review on Expedition Portal was nothing short of raving.

In the article, Jack dives into the importance of not only packing light while living in a modestly sized van, but also investing in multi-functional clothing that’s suitable for both everyday life and outdoor exploits — which is exactly where Walter Sky comes in. “The [Walter Sky clothing] collection is intentionally understated, almost exclusively in black and white, showcasing simple yet clean-cut designs,” shared Jack. “Their garments are a fantastic option for those who prefer to keep a low profile while travelling and desire a wardrobe that’s basic yet functional.”

He goes on to describe his month-long experience field testing the WS-MH01, our Nuyarn® merino hoodie with a slim, elongated fit that “ensures your lower back is protected from the elements when bending or stretching;” YKK black rubber zipper heads that “are a quality touch and contribute to the premium feel;” and zippered front pockets that are “beneficial for travelling or daily life where your keys, phone, wallet, etc. can so easily become lost/stolen.”

As for the hood, Jack reports that it’s “snug but not tight” while the drawstring cord incorporates “tasteful brass toggles and eyelets” with brown leather cinching. “The WS-MH01 is hard to fault; it’s warm, comfortable, well-made, understated, yet timeless, durable, and performs well during strenuous exercise,'' Jack said. “It’s quite an achievement to create a piece of clothing that’s neutral at first glance that offers such attention to detail and so many discreet but high-quality touches.”

Thank you to Jack and the Expedition Portal team for putting our WS-MH01 to the test. Read the full article here and shop now to discover the hype.



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