Carryology Features Walter Sky’s WS-MH01 Hoodie in Latest Buyer’s Guide

In the world of adventure and travel, Carryology is the go-to source for insights, ideas and inspiration about better ways to carry — from backpacks to wallets to yourself. Their reviews are among the most reputable in the biz, featuring tried-and-tested products curated by a specialist team, and we’re thrilled to share that Walter Sky’s WS-MH01 zip hoodie has been featured in their latest Buyer’s Guide: Our Favorite Full-Zip Hoodies for Any Situation.

In an effort to make your life easier when it comes to deciding on a classic, black, full-zip hoodie for everyday shenanigans, Carryology compiled a vetted list of superior hoodies on the market. “Whether you’re taking a walk on the beach or hitting the local scene, we’ve got something to fit the bill,” author Brandon Vulaj writes. As for the WS-MH01 in particular, it’s dubbed as best for “a night out in your favorite major metro, going for techwear undertones” while “highly tuned and modern” are listed as its top credentials. 

Brandon goes on to rave about its high-performance, fashion-forward fit. “Each extra-long drawstring terminates with antique brass heads. Back at the base, each drawstring is kept in place by brown leather toggles that not only work well but look great,” he shares. “If you wanted a touch more flash in a travel hoodie, this may be a good option for you.”

Not only that, the WS-MH01 is the only piece in the Buyer’s Guide that Brandon notes is made with Nuyarn Merino: “It has a unique handfeel to it, feeling very much like merino with all its wicking and odor resistant properties, but with the performance properties of high-tech synthetics.” 

Thank you to Brandon and the Carryology team for the nice review. Read the full article here and shop now to discover the hype. 



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